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Ecommerce Chatbot Powerful AI Tool to Automate Ecommerce Sales

5 Benefits of Chatbots in E-commerce and How to Use Them

chatbot e-commerce

Especially when using an AI chatbot, the bot will be able to understand much better what customers are looking for — and offer them the best incentive to shop. If the conversation slows or stops within that window and you want to reengage the user, you can use a chatbot sequence. It’s essentially a series of messages sent at specific intervals over time, like an email drip campaign. If you get the prospect to respond to any of these, you can reopen the 24-hour window again.

chatbot e-commerce

It’s designed to answer FAQs about the company’s products in English and French. They can outsource routine tasks and focus on personalized customer service. It also means that customers will always have someone (or something) on the other end of a chat window.

What is an NLP eCommerce chatbot?

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One easy-to-use platform that help online businesses and expert marketers to match up, collaborate, and grow their businesses together. Most chatbot tools have integration with the large eCommerce platforms out there, so that shouldn’t be a problem. With so many food businesses switching to delivery or pick up only, it’s crucial to have this option available for your customers. Octane AI is a chatbot tool that’s specifically built for Shopify stores (it only supports Shopify and Shopify Plus).

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Additionally, customers also use SnapTravel to check flight status, hotel reservations, and changing prices. Argomall is an ecommerce store based in the Philippines selling consumer goods. Their bot enables customers to find out key information about Argomall (including delivery details) as well as ask questions and talk to an Argomall support agent.

chatbot e-commerce

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